Atheist & Christian Relationships: Can It Work?

Can atheist and Christian relationships really work? (From my live show) See many more of my videos here:

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  1. facebookcm10 says:

    can a relationship between a male atheist (me – 14), and a female christian? (14)
    i am in love with her, and have been for 2 years
    i just recently found out that she actually liked/likes me a lot too
    but has been hiding it because she thinks we can’t be together
    i am really serious about her, and want this to work but have no idea how to approach the situation

  2. Ryakki says:

    I say a general claim, you jump strait to a specific god claim. You’d be the one throwing around bias, in favor of your obviously preferred claim :P

    I’m just making a general statement… that if a claim is extraordinary, internally and externally inconsistent, and comes with no reasonable evidence… then I consider believing it to be bizarre.

  3. oscarmarin1995 says:

    I honestly think you’re only looking at the belief in YHWH through your own bias eyes and that’s why you think it’s bizarre. You misunderstand.

  4. Ryakki says:

    It does if your definition of a cult includes a general time frame.  And I find it bizarre to believe in any extraordinary and hard to believe claim with no evidence of any kind… how many people believe it doesn’t make it any less bizarre.

  5. oscarmarin1995 says:

    The length of time humans have been on earth doesn’t effect religions at all.
    It’s not bizarre to believe in YHWH. Most people believe in a God, it could be said to be abnormal to not believe no offense.. I think you just don’t understand.

  6. Ryakki says:

    A cult is a new religion with bizarre or abnormal beliefs.

    Since homo sapiens is at least a hundred thousand years old, if not a quarter million years… and all modern religions have their roots well under five thousand years ago, most in the last two to three thousand years… and their beliefs are all pretty bizarre… I’d have serious trouble finding one that wasn’t a cult under that definition.

  7. oscarmarin1995 says:

    Christian scientists are cultic.

  8. Ryakki says:

    Christian Scientists do that. They’ll let people die horrific, slow, painful, crippling deaths while praying. And whatever negative happens, it’s because their faith wasn’t strong enough. The disease or injury was just a manifestation of a spiritual problem.

  9. batteryAAP says:

    Sunshine’s view on christians seems a bit like she’s leaning on stereotypes when she points out why it might not work out but I can see certain aspects of it ringing possible such as how subdays might be for them. I don’t think they’d argue as a couple over choosing between prayer and medical treatment however. I have yet to meet a Christian who would avoid heart surgery and simply rely on prayer myself, which is why I don’t see how that would be such a big conflict. The only real place of conf

  10. Officeglen01 says:

    Depends on the people involved. If they are not too serious about their views…maybe…i guess. I for one could not date/marry anyone who is religious, ever.

  11. oscarmarin1995 says:

    What Christian has just prayed instead of taking them to the hospital?

  12. Mojobo83 says:

    A critically ill child will die if you don’t medically treat it. When you get sick, you go to a doctor, if you have a heart attack, you don’t go to church. It is irresponsible as a parent to just pray for a critically ill child.

  13. TalonyPoo says:

    If the Christian initiated the relationship with an atheist, they need to decide how strong they are in their beliefs. You can’t keep a label of something you kinda sorta follow.
    And don’t use God’s forgiveness in order to go against express orders. This wouldn’t be something that you did on accident.

  14. TalonyPoo says:

    If you don’t mind coming in second or third to a being, then by all means date a Christian. I think if the Christian initiated the relationship with an atheist they need to decide if they want to hold on to the person or the belief, if they say they are strong in those beliefs.

  15. TalonyPoo says:

    Any problem, they don’t go to you first. They go to God. God is their everything. God is their best friend and confidant. He’s a real thing and you can’t make them choose. An atheist can’t provide what a Christian needs emotionally, the atheist is only part of it..(con’td)

  16. TalonyPoo says:

    I think it really depends on how strong each side is in their views. You could really love each other but, if the Atheist wants to as important to the Christian as their god is, there is always that feeling of resentment that you aren’t enough for the Christian. Because see, their God comes before you…(cont’d)

  17. 13SuperKings says:

    I am Christian and i would what my child to take medicine, and pray for them as well. In most cases it think the Athiest parent would not have a problem with the Christian parent praying.

  18. Mrmoc7 says:

    If you both like each other, try to avoid making her feel like a moron b/c of her views and you two will last.

  19. Mrmoc7 says:

    *vaccinations would lead to autism…

  20. Mrmoc7 says:

    I arrived at the same conclusion in my relationship to a New Age. I figured, if we had a child and i wanted them vaccinated and she thought they’d be alright with vibrational medicine, chakras, and white light energy healing, and that vaccinations where lead to autism, you know, I just don’t want to have that argument. So we broke up. I would also like to mention though: Even where both parties are Atheists, one day your wife may say she doesn’t love you and then that’s it.

  21. josefemme77 says:

    The bible says; (2 Corinthians 6:14.) “Do not be unevenly yoked with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and lawlessness have in common? What fellowship has light with darkness?” If you go into a dark room where does the darkness go? It disappears it must leave. It can only return when the light is removed or the light switch is turned off. Darkness and light cannot occupy the same space. So is the same in the life of someone who belongs to Jesus.

  22. kelvinoalbino says:

    Hmm… this is bad. I like this girl and I don’t believe. Just found out, she goes to church, will our relationship fail?

  23. jfinite says:

    I am an atheist married for 11 years now to a Christian woman. Yes, sometimes things are hard, and yes, children make things even more complex, but I temper this thinking with the idea that all relationships have problems, and if we love each other and learn to live with each other despite our differences, we can still have a lasting, loving and meaningful relationship.

  24. Ezekielthirtyeight says:

    It doesn’t work if the other party isn’t willing to understand, or even listen how the other came to know Jesus personally. I’ve been with my wife for nearly 20 years and cannot convince her of the truth about what life is really about. The Name of Jesus offends her deeply, which in return, offends me, because I am to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, spirit and strength. The natural man/woman who cannot understand the things of God, puts a HUGE burden on married life.
    Jesus saves..!!

  25. siyasjenifar says:

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